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About Mayfield

Our group was founded in 1980 with a focus on the travel and leisure sector. Since expanding into the real estate sector, Mayfield has grown into a major player in the London property market over the past 15 years, capable of identifying prime opportunities and then delivering an end to end service of development, construction, sales and asset management. Across all sectors, Mayfield combines a relentless focus on value for money, quality and customer experience.

Mayfield’s senior management has many years of collective experience in the property sector and has been directly responsible for delivering over £400m of development projects in central London alone.

This makes Mayfield the partner of choice for domestic and international real estate investors or banks who are seeking to gain exposure to the London market.


Mayfield adheres to the following guiding investment principles.

  • A relentless focus on delivering real estate developments in supply-constrained markets to secure premium returns for our partners;
  • Securing and maintaining partnerships with our investors and the wider property industry to maximise returns over the short, medium and long term;
  • Designing and delivering high quality real estate developments which actively contribute to their surrounding area; and
  • Adopting and maintaining the highest standards of business governance.


As a leading real estate investor and asset manager, Mayfield is the parent company of a range of subsidiaries who work with our investors, banks, property professionals and agents to identify opportunities across all real estate sectors.

As part of our holistic approach with our investors and partners we consider how we can maximise the returns on each identified site. This includes the creation of bespoke strategies to secure planning consent, to build out the development, sales and future asset management.